Islands to visit in Zanzibar

10 amazing islands to visit in Zanzibar

Off coast of Tanzania, amazing island of Zanzibar is home to extensive number of amazing islands  to visit in Zanzibar that make for life-changing adventures. Every location has unique beauty of its own, from historic beauty of Prison Island to beautiful white dunes of Mnemba Island. Dive into crystal-clear waters around Changuu Island, which is home to colourful coral reefs overflowing with marine life, or discover Pemba Island, remote haven known for its luxuriant vegetation and peaceful beaches. Discover wonders and discoveries of Zanzibar’s beautiful islands, you’re looking for action or peace and quiet.

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Here are the 10 amazing islands to visit in Zanzibar

1. Unguja Island

Because Unguja is the largest and most populous island in the islands, some people confuse it with Zanzibar Island and refer to it as the best island in the archipelago. This island has the most beautiful resorts and tourist activities. This is the location of Stone Town, an amazing combination of European, Arab, Indian, and African civilizations that is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

2. Pemba Island

The second-largest island in Zanzibar, Pemba Island is situated north of Unguja Island and is reachable by local planes or a daily local ferry. It is well-known for having beautiful coral reefs, which make diving and swimming there quite popular. The island is well-known for its clove plantations, which provide a substantial amount of income for the neighbourhood.

3. Mnemba Island

A small private island called Mnemba Island is located off the northeastern shore of Matemwe Village, Unguja Island. It is surrounded by a coral reef that is home to many different kinds of fish, dolphins, and turtles, among other marine life. With just one resort covering the whole island, the destination offers a posh escape. Additionally, day trips to the island are available, where you may go swimming and swimming with dolphins.

4. Changuu Island

A small island off the coast of Stone Town is called Changuu Island, sometimes referred to as Prison Island. One of the greatest islands in Zanzibar to visit is this one. In addition to enjoying the island’s beautiful beach and huge tortoises, visitors can take a tour inside the former prison, which was never utilised as a jail. Prion Island is the location if you’re observing the area where visitors are feeding and posing with large tortoises.

5. Chumbe Island

A little coral island off the shore of Unguja Island is called Chumbe Island. Many threatened animals, including as the green turtle and coconut crab, can be found in this protected marine reserve. On the island, guests may go diving, scuba diving, and bird viewing in addition to staying in solar-powered, eco-friendly bungalows. It’s simple to go to the Island if you stay in Stone Town.

6. Bawe Island

Another tiny private island off the coast of Stone Town is called Bawe Island. It provides a luxurious and private retreat, with only suites available throughout the island. In addition to enjoying the beautiful beaches, visitors can go diving or snorkelling or join an island sunset cruise. For a half-day swimming tour to Bawe Island, get in touch with us. Alternatively, you can combine it with the Prison Island Tour.

7. Kwale Island

A small island called Kwale Island is situated near the Menai Bay Conservation area, off Fumba Beach. The closest sandbank, natural lagoon, and beautiful beach on the island make it the perfect place to swim and sunbathe. Kwale Island is a stop that can be included in a full-day Blue Safari trip, this is the ideal day trip to Zanzibar; it includes tropical fruits on the sandbank and a seafood barbecue lunch.

8. Nakupenda Sandbank

Nakupenda Sandbank is a small sandbank that may be reached by boat from Prison Island. It is situated off the coast of Stone Town in Zanzibar. In Swahili, the term Nakupenda means “I love you,” thus both residents and tourists frequently refer to the sandbank as “Love Sandbank.” We included the Nakupenda Sandbank in our list of the greatest Islands for a vacation in Zanzibar because it is a must-do activity in Stone Town.

9. Mafia Island

Mafia Island, a nearby gem known for beautiful beaches, extensive marine life, and superb diving chances, is officially not a part of Zanzibar.  It’s particularly well-known for its interactions with whale sharks, making it a must-go-to location for scuba divers looking for life-changing experiences.

10. Mnazi Island

Off the coast of Zanzibar City, Mnazi Island is famous for its colourful coral reefs, crystal-clear blue waters, and calm ambiance. It’s a perfect location for a day trip or beach excursion, providing amazing swimming and diving activities that let guests fully appreciate the natural beauty of Zanzibar’s coastal gems.


Islands of Zanzibar provide attractive fusion of adventure, natural beauty, and cultural diversity. Every island has its own unique beauty that is just waiting to be discovered, you are attracted to quiet beaches, colourful underwater life, or interesting history. Kind greetings and many possibilities for relaxation and exploration, Zanzibar invites visitors to set off unique journey throughout beautiful islands, leaving them lifelong memories to treasure. For more details visit best travel agency in Dubai