5 famous lakes in Ireland

5 Famous Lakes in Ireland

Ireland, with its green landscapes and soothing charm, is home to many eye-catching lakes. These lakes add to the country’s amazing scenery and are rich in history and culture, each one special in its own way. Next, we learn about five well-known lakes in Ireland, inviting you to dive into their calming surroundings and fascinating histories.

We’ll journey from Lough Neagh’s sparking expanse, Ireland’s biggest lake, to the magical Glendalough Lakes in the Wicklow Mountains. Maybe the historical echoes of Lough Gur pique your interest, or perhaps the legends of Lake Derg draw you in. Our trip through Ireland’s natural wonders will reveal stories and traditions in every corner, told by every lake ripple. We delve into the scenery of these famous lakes to find lasting beauty and a rich cultural mosaic that makes up Ireland’s lake treasures.

 Here are the 5 Famous Lakes in Ireland

1. Lough Neagh: The Proud Giant

Set in Northern Ireland, Lough Neagh comes in first place. It stretches over 151 square miles, making it the biggest lake on the island. This giant waterbody is important for freshwater supply and has a colorful past. You’ll find historic sites at its shores, like the famous Ardboe Cross and Shane’s Castle’s ruins. Lough Neagh is the perfect spot for bird enthusiasts as it’s home to lots of wintering waterfowl. The lake’s impressive size, combined with its cultural and ecological role, skyrockets its value in Ireland’s natural heritage.

2. Glendalough Lakes: A Peaceful Nature Haven

In the Wicklow Mountains, you’ll find Glendalough, a valley shaped by ice, home to two gorgeous lakes. The Upper and Lower Lakes mirror the wild charm of the landscape. The Irish name Glendalough means “Valley of the Two Lakes”. The area also harbors an important historical site – an old monastery started by St. Kevin in the 6th century. Lush green woods and tall cliffs edge the lakes, making a peaceful space where visitors can escape and delve into natural beauty and history.

3. Lough Gur: Ancient Ireland Whispered on the Wind

Step into the magic of County Limerick with a trip to Lough Gur, a sweet water lake ringed by relics of times gone by. Imagine stone rings, fortified homes, and crannogs, markers of 5,000 years of life. High above the lake, the Grange Stone Circle adds an enigma. At Lough Gur, visitors can travel back in time, uncovering Ireland’s deep past, all while savoring its serene waters.

4. Lough Derg: Land of Legends

On the River Shannon flows Lough Derg, a large water body brimming with mystique and allure. Local tales tell of a water beast, Peg Powler, hiding in its depths. Despite these tales, Lough Derg is a hot spot for watersports. Hidden between the wooded banks, quiet inlets offer a peaceful retreat. With scenic vistas and legends around every turn, a visit to Lough Derg enriches any Irish adventure.

5. Lough Corrib: The West’s Gem

Ireland’s second-largest lake, Lough Corrib, lays in the country’s west stunning all with its charm. The lake, sprinkled with many islands, calls to fishers, history buffs and peace seekers. The historic Inchagoill Island with its aged monastic ruins gives an old-world feel to the lake’s charm. The lake’s clear waters mirror the surrounding hills and castles, offering a picturesque view to those wandering through Ireland’s west.


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