Underrated Attractions in Armenia

Top 10 Unique and Underrated Attractions in Armenia

Armenia, a country rich in history and natural beauty, offers many unique and underrated attractions waiting to be explored. Armenia, a hidden jewel with a varied terrain that includes lush woods, stunning canyons, and historic monasteries, is tucked away in the South Caucasus. While famous sites like Yerevan and the monasteries of Geghard and Etchmiadzin attract many visitors, there are many lesser-known spots that offer equally captivating experiences. For those seeking to venture off the beaten path, Armenia has plenty to offer. From ancient cave villages and stunning high-altitude lakes to mystical archaeological sites and serene national parks, the country is brimming with hidden treasures.

These sites not only showcase the country’s rich cultural heritage but also its breathtaking natural scenery. Whether you are a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or an adventure seeker, Armenia’s unique and underrated attractions provide a perfect blend of discovery and tranquility. Exploring these lesser-known destinations allows travelers to experience the authentic charm of Armenia away from the typical tourist crowds. It’s an opportunity to delve deeper into the country’s soul, uncovering stories and landscapes that make Armenia a truly special destination.

Here are some unique and underrated attractions in Armenia.

1. Garni Temple:

Armenia’s Garni Temple, a magnificent specimen of Hellenistic architecture, is situated in the hamlet of Garni. This pagan temple honours the sun god Mihr and is boldly situated against a stunning mountain range. Garni Temple is distinct from many other ancient ruins in Armenia due to its Greek-Roman architecture, which has striking columns and detailed carvings. The temple and its environs, which include a gorge with basalt column formations nearby, are open for exploration by guests.

2. Monastery of Noravank:

Tucked up in a striking red-rock gorge, Noravank Monastery is a lesser-known treasure that few visitors ever see. This 13th-century monastery, which is close to Yeghegnadzor, is renowned for both its magnificent natural surroundings and architectural design. It’s the ideal location for people looking for peace and historical beauty because of the detailed stone carvings and the peaceful surroundings.

3. The National Park of Dilijan:

Known as the “Switzerland of Armenia,” Dilijan National Park is home to a variety of species, clean rivers, and lush woodlands. Adventurers and lovers of the natural world will adore this park. A few things to do here include go hiking, go bird watching, and explore secret monasteries like Haghartsin and Goshavank. The calm surroundings of the park offer the ideal diversion from the bustle of the city.

4. The Tatev Monastery:

Perched on a plateau with a view of the Vorotan River Gorge, Tatev Monastery is one of Armenia’s most striking and underappreciated distant sights. Rebuilt in the ninth century, the monastery complex features exquisite churches and a historic oil mill. Additionally, visitors can take the “Wings of Tatev,” the longest reversed cable car journey in the world.

5. Village of Khndzoresk Cave:

Situated in the Syunik Province, Khndzoresk Cave Village is a unique historical site. The man-made and natural caves that comprise this old settlement were inhabited until the 1950s. Explore the cave homes, traverse the swinging bridge over the gorge, and take in expansive vistas of the untamed landscape. Khndzoresk provides a singular window.

6. The Peninsula of Lake Sevan:

Armenia must see Lake Sevan, one of the world’s largest freshwater high-altitude lakes. Although the lake is well-known, people frequently ignore the Sevan Peninsula. The Sevanavank Monastery, which offers breathtaking views of the lake and surrounding mountains, is located on the peninsula. It’s the ideal location for a leisurely day excursion because of the serene ambiance and crystal-clear blue seas.

7. Karahunj, or Zorats Karer:

The ancient archeological site of Zorats Karer (Karahunj), sometimes called the “Armenian Stonehenge,” is situated close to the town of Sisian. Some people think that this prehistoric monument is an old astronomical observatory because it is made up of huge stones with circular holes organized in them. For history buffs and inquisitive tourists, Zorats Karer is an intriguing location due to its enigmatic beginnings and goals.

8. Cave Complex of Areni-1:

The Areni-1 Cave Complex is a significant archeological site that has yielded some of the world’s earliest items. The cave complex, which is close to the settlement of Areni, has produced important discoveries such as a 6,000-year-old shoe and ancient wine processing equipment. In addition to learning about Armenia’s ancient history and its contributions to early civilization, visitors can explore the cave.

9. Jermuk:

The spa town of Jermuk is well-known for its mineral springs and stunning surroundings. Jermuk, which is in the Vayots Dzor Province, uses its healing waters to provide a variety of medical therapies. In addition to unwinding in one of the many wellness centers, visitors may take in the picturesque waterfalls in the town and stroll through the nearby forests. Jermuk is the ideal location for rest and renewal because of its tranquil surroundings and restorative waters.

10. Amberd Fortress:

Located on the foothills of Mount Aragats, Amberd Fortress is a 7th-century medieval stronghold. This fortification provides a window into Armenia’s medieval past, together with a chapel and baths. Beautiful views of the neighbouring mountains and valleys may be seen from this location. Visitors can gain an understanding of the strategic significance and architectural excellence of ancient Armenia by exploring Amberd Fortress.


Armenia’s unique and underrated attractions offer a wealth of experiences for travelers seeking something beyond the ordinary. From ancient cave villages to mystical archaeological sites, the country’s diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage provide endless opportunities for exploration and discovery. While popular destinations like Yerevan and the monasteries of Geghard and Etchmiadzin are must-sees, venturing off the beaten path unveils hidden treasures that capture the essence of Armenia. Travelers can immerse themselves in the country’s soul, away from the typical tourist crowds, by exploring these lesser-known destinations. These experiences not only deepen their understanding of Armenia’s history and culture but also offer moments of tranquility and connection with nature. 

Whether it’s hiking through lush forests, marvelling at ancient ruins, or simply enjoying the serene beauty of high-altitude lakes, Armenia’s underrated attractions promise unforgettable memories. Armenia tour packages and Armenia holiday packages provide convenient ways to explore these hidden gems, offering curated itineraries that showcase the best of the country’s unique charm. By booking a tour package, travelers can embark on a journey of discovery with expert guides who can provide insights into Armenia’s hidden treasures. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature enthusiast, or an adventure seeker, Armenia’s underrated attractions have something special to offer, ensuring a truly memorable and enriching travel experience. Explore best travel agency in Dubai for more information.  

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